Is Division our real Enemy?

The coronavirus has infiltrated America, causing death, sickness, and fear for most of 2020.   Today tropical storms are brewing in oceans waiting to land on the shores of this country.  Currently, tensions are reaching a fever pitch between ethnicities.  Gun violence and suicides are on the rise.  Tomorrow more businesses will permanently shutter, and children everywhere need and want to return to school.

Most of us believe those are our worst problems.  They are all catastrophic, and we individually have different ideas about how to solve each one.  However, I consider the common denominator of all our woes is one seemingly benign word called “division.”  

At the beginning of the pandemic, we were all torn as to what to do.  We were warned if we did not ALL follow preventative measures, the virus would consume us.   After a while, and once the scientific community learned more about the virus, the political mask and social distancing debate raged.  

Was it our “right” to not wear a mask, or were we doing the “right” thing for others?  State governments following political party adherence instead of medical advice produced more anger in their communities.  Therefore, we are now sicker, now in more financial stress, and selfishly claiming and blaming someone else caused it all.  Therefore, is it not division who is the killer?

Who are the villains?

A social media post claimed, “The coronavirus is just a political stunt perpetrated by liberals.”  “The yearly flu causes more death than this virus!” It continued to profess.  Of course, if the writer had delved into facts, they would find that one sentence, among others, was simply untrue.   COVID is far deadlier.   Creating divisions spread by untruths and lies are as fatal as a killing virus.  So, who are the villains?

The race issue is heartbreakingly profound, and we ALL need to reform our hearts and minds.  How many times do we ignore our Christian teaching and profess our disdain for our fellow men?  Will this divide ever heal? It will not until we are unified in the belief that all of us are equal in God’s eyes.

The divisions between liberals and conservatives or all ethnicities will be the very thing that will destroy our nation.  Where are the moderate views of reason?  The voices of the middle, who lean neither to the far left or far right,  need to be heard.  Where are the leaders who can listen to all sides and make the best plans to create growth?  Where are the leaders who believe change is possible without violence?  Are they no more?

Our top priority in the United States is to get well.  Return our children to schools.  It is not going to bars, going to parties, or going to the gym, but putting our children first and do what is best for them.  Could we possibly spend our energy, not on conspiracy theories, or blaspheming a political opponent, but show a new generation how to behave and prosper?  

If I could take all those taking sides and sideline them, I would. Our factions are destroying friendships and families, hurting our hope and faith. Murders and suicides are on the rise, and we wonder why?  Because seething anger is amok.  It runs rampant in backyards and city streets because of our need to be right, our selfishness, our frustrations, and our lack of compassion.

Love our country

Please, for the love of this country and our children, do not spread hatred, put away the nastiness, and let us thrive…. Together.  

If we lose our democracy, it is not because of a virus, or a storm, or any politician. Our demise will be because we ALL divided this country into nothing but pieces to be tossed into the trash, and there were no voices of reason to stop it.

I have spent the better part of five years begging in words for folks to end the spread of untruths and hatred, stop calling people names, keep faith alive, become better than we are, and give our children a chance to see authentic human dignity.

Maybe my words are trivial to some, but I choose to show my patriotism for this land using unification words rather than words of division.  Simply, because I believe in these words of our Lord,

  “If a house is divided against itself, that house will not be able to stand.” Mark 3:25