Just Don’t Close Your Eyes!

A funny thing happened on the way to writing stories, columns, and books…. I saw God winking.   Author Squire Rushnell explains, “A God Wink is described as a personal signal or message, directly from a higher power, usually, but not always, in the form of a coincidence.”

The trick to noticing God winking is to not close your eyes! I mean, how can you see a wink if you aren’t looking, right?

I have mentioned this God Wink briefly in a story long ago, but it bears repeating.

When my friend Ricki was about to turn a significant age, we surprised her with an all-girlfriends party at my home.  It was a rowdy crowd full of fun and playfulness celebrating a girl who is quite full of her own feistiness.  Ricki always believes in creating bucket lists.  If she has a goal, she writes it down, throws it in a bucket, and achieves it.

We played a game that evening where every guest was instructed to write down a personal goal but not sign their name.  Then when each was read aloud, the cheerful girls needed to guess who wrote it.  Some were funny, some were serious, and as I began to read each one, I realized I had not put my own bucket list item in the bucket! Yikes!


I quickly got a notepad and started to write, “I would like to travel across the country once more.”  But suddenly, as if someone else took my hand, I wrote, “Write for newspapers and stay alive!”

I immediately thought as I read it to the group, “Why in the world did I pen such words?” 

That was July 13, 2015.  My first column was published three months later. 

I knew I would like to write one day many years ago but never thought it would be for newspapers, so God wrote it down for me.   Ricki saved the note, framed it, and gave it to me as a gift five years later.  

God winks at us all the time.  Often, I will write a column and wonder, “Now, what inspired that idea for a story?” Or, “Why am I writing about this or that?”  Then after it is published, a reader will send an email explaining how much the column helped them on the particular day it was publish.

He is always there

The older I become, the more I understand the presence of God is found in the small stuff and everyday places.  He looms large and is hovering over us as we walk through each day.  He is not just there in the middle of struggles, or devastation, or tragedy but will even attend a rowdy girl’s party if need be.

God stands in the middle of the fights over politics or parking spaces.  He is with us in our offices, at ballgames, and attends our backyard barbeques.  Sometimes we just need to stop the yelling, look away from the computer or the ballgame, and offer God a hamburger at the barbeque. He is waiting to be noticed, and if we do, we will be inspired to do what he asks of us.

We all have a problem with our attention span.  We are so distractable it is ridiculous.  How often did you tell your children to “Pay attention!” After raising three children, it became a motto at our house.  But the truth is, it does not just apply to our children, but to all God’s children. 

A walk on the beach

Years ago, a significant relationship ended, and before going to bed one evening, I cried crocodile tears over the loss of someone I hoped would be a life partner.  That evening I dreamed I was walking on a sandy beach with Jesus by my side.  The beach was crowded with couples and happy folks.  The Lord pointed to them as we strolled near the water’s edge. 

“Why are you showing me these happy people when I am so sad?” I asked.  He didn’t say a word but instead pointed to a gentleman walking toward us.  I couldn’t see the man’s face but noticed that he wore a beautiful wristwatch.  Just before the Lord disappeared across the ocean, he turned and spoke, “Lynn, look for the watch.”

I awoke, remembered the dream, but dismissed it as strange.  I had almost forgotten the vision when I met a man a few years later.  He and I began a conversation when suddenly, I noticed his wrist and said, “Your watch is beautiful.” “Thank you,” he responded, “I love watches!” I married him two years later.

God’s winks are even in dreams if we pay attention.  You see, God is there to help us through all things, big and small. The secret is…..  just don’t close your eyes.