We will not pass this way again

October 2020 is drawing to a close.  We will not pass this way again, yet I doubt any of us will forget this autumn. I suppose in 200 years, people will still tell the story of the year when our planet stood still trying to tame an invisible viral menace and much more.

This fall, fires consumed much of the west, and Greek named hurricanes flooded the coasts.  Violence erupted in our streets, and hate groups flourished across our land.  An unsettling cloud covers our country, filled with uncertainty and fear.

We gather with our loved ones and pray we all will survive to witness another October. We wonder why some seem to be living in a bubble where masks are not needed, nor is social distancing necessary.   Yet, science tells us we could save ourselves and 140,000 more by doing such a simple task.  Who would want to live in such a selfish, uncaring bubble?  

God says to trust Him.   He repeats it over and over, so maybe I should just let my worry go and let Him take care of bursting the bubble.

Fires, floods, and fuel

The fires rage, and the storms billow.  American citizens are battling the pandemic while viewing an empty lot where their homes once stood.  We watch from the comfort of our living rooms as their tears fall on barren or flooded grounds.  Sadly, some show little compassion because of their political liberal or conservative alliances.   Who would want to live in such a place that displays no concern for others because of their state’s political color?

God says to trust him.  He repeats it over and over, so maybe I should just let my worry go and let him take care of those who judge all by whether they live on land painted red or blue.

Violence regarding racism has rocked our nation. How ultimately tragic for any human to judge another by the color of their skin.  Poverty, hopelessness, and bias fuel the anger, regardless of our ethnicity. So, it is not our color that is the problem; it is the systemic hostility, hatred, and resentment that rises from the depths of troubled souls.

God says to trust Him.  He repeats it over and over, so perhaps I should just let my worry go knowing that He will be the final judge once the soul is stripped of its color.

On November 3rd, our citizens will elect their chosen leader.  The political ads will be over along with the debates both on television and in backyards everywhere.  America will have spoken.

On November 4th, the invisible enemy will continue hospitalizing people in record numbers.  The flames and smoke will still billow toward the sky.  Hurricanes will once again swirl toward our coasts.  Our skin color, or the color of many states, will not be changed.  Science will continue trying to find that magic potion to heal a deadly disease.  And we will still reside under a cloud of uncertainty.

Cure is caring

I definitely do not know the remedy for all our problems, but I absolutely believe much of the healing lies within us.  WE MUST CARE FOR OTHERS. If we could put our political differences aside and simply show concern for another as human beings, our faith in humanity would soar. Is solidarity to a party or cause more important than the wellness of our neighbors?  If we continue with our divisive, offensive behavior, then how do we get well?

If I had my druthers, I would paint America’s map with a white primer and then paint it pink; just because I like the color.

In every American community resides both liberal and conservative voters.  Children play in backyards in all fifty states where church bells still ring with joy on Sunday morning.  Every town’s population has multiple ethnicities suffering from the same virus and biases we all endure.

We are America, one nation that lives under the umbrella of a merciful God.  We should remember it is under that umbrella where we will find comfort from all our storms.  He loves all of us, no matter where we live, no matter what color we are, and no matter how we vote.  None of us will be remembered or judged by those things, but by how we loved each other. 

God says to trust Him.  He repeats it over and over, so I will lay my worry down.  I will trust that He will save us, remind each of us what is important, and heal our fearful, uncertain hearts because we will not pass this way again.