Every day reveals a new story, a new bend in the road, and a clearer understanding of our journey.

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About the Book

It’s All Write With Me! Essays From My Heart, is a book filled with personal insights and stories from the heart of Lynn Walker Gendusa. The book has fifteen chapters accompanied by original illustrations.

Chapters include the following topics: Family, Faith, Roots, Friends, LaGrange, Shadows, Southland, Healing, Age(less), Lessons, Treasures, America, Celebrate, Joy and The Last Chapter. The stories are a compilation of columns and articles that have appeared in newspapers and other publications throughout the country and offer inspiration and encouragement to the reader.

The author shares her own journey with depression in the chapter “Shadows” and her personal relationship with God in the essays about Faith. Patriotism shines in “America” and she shares her love of her beloved Southland. Celebrations of life are abundant throughout the book and “The Last Chapter” reminds us that we will all leave this world one day, however, a door is left ajar to enter another one. Just follow the light!


When Lynn Gendusa weaves the commonality of life’s ups and downs into the tapestry of her essays we see and feel remarkable similarities to our own joys, heartaches and victories. It takes an exceptional writer to connect so intimately with her readers. In this collection of Lynn’s stories be prepared to laugh hard, cry hard, and most of all, make sense of things.
—Lee Walburn, Editor Emeritus of Atlanta Magazine

Lynn understands people, their opportunities and challenges. Her columns leave good feelings radiating after each-a nice addition to today’s hard news.
—Jim Boone, Chairman of the Board, Boone Newspapers

If you like to read, don’t wait another minute to open this book and meet Lynn Gendusa who loves to write. And does it so well! She’ll tug at your heartstrings, remind you of the strength of family ties, and keep us all on a positive path of loving service to community and country. From quirky nostalgia on such as handmade aprons, iron skillets and homemade fried chicken, to the warmth of family past and current, Lynn’s memories and musings unite us all in the power of her words to open our hearts and minds to what is old or new and always deeply felt by us all.
—Allison St. Claire, Editor, Publisher, Senior Wire News Service

About Lynn

After spending forty-three years as an interior designer, Lynn Walker Gendusa was ready to retire to a hammock somewhere overlooking the blue ocean. Except God had other plans. Within a few weeks of putting down her tape measure, she picked up a pen. Her first story was published in the LaGrange Daily News in LaGrange, Georgia, her former hometown. Within a few more weeks, she became a weekly columnist for the paper, writing essays about faith, America, family, friends, depression, joy, holidays, and the other stuff of life. Her work soon spread across the country to other publications that loved her relatable down-home stories that are laced with inspiration as well as frankness.

Lynn has compiled many of her columns into these pages after readers encouraged her to do so. Her mission is to always inspire and remind us of life’s abundant blessings. She believes, “Every day reveals a new story, a new bend in the road, and a clearer understanding of our journey.”

Lynn currently resides in Roswell, Georgia with her husband David. She is the mother of three children, two stepchildren and three grandchildren.

The Writing Place


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